Mixed Berry Croissant Pudding with Whiskey Butter Sauce

Mixed Berry Croissant Pudding with Whiskey Butter Sauce | thekitchenpaper.com

Only one day left on the trail! We’ve been hiking for five days now, and finish on the West coast of England tomorrow, after hiking through sheep field after sheep field and cow pasture after cow pasture and going through kissing gate after kissing gate — I feel like I have a pretty solid grasp… 

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Hot Black Bean Goat Cheese Dip | thekitchenpaper.com

Hot Black Bean Goat Cheese Dip

Oh haaay! I come to you from the middle-of-nowhere Northern England after many, MANY miles of hiking through sheep. And more sheep. And more sheep. And some cows. And more sheep. Are we seeing a trend here? SHEEP! After arriving Monday and meeting up with my family (and staying awake FOREVAAA), the 11 of us… 

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Chipotle Adobo Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream | thekitchenpaper.com

Chipotle Adobo Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream

I can’t wait ANY LONGER to share this recipe with you guys! I made it a few weeks ago and it’s on my schedule to share later in July but it is SO FREAKING AMAZING I just have to get it out there! Stat. NOW! So here we are. Also, here we are IN ENGLAND!… 

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Smoked Salmon Blueberry Crostini | thekitchenpaper.com

Smoked Salmon Blueberry Crostini

Adios, Portland! I’ll see you in a month! Today, after struggling to pack for legitimately cold weather (the high in Iceland yesterday was 46. OMG.), I’m off! But first, a ridiculously hot destination: Denver. It’s supposed to be 97 degrees today and I am definitely loaded with sweaters and leggings and NOT summer clothing. So,… 

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Brown Butter Rhubarb Muffins | thekitchenpaper.com

Brown Butter Rhubarb Muffins

Oy. Are we ready for a Wednesday brain dump? I HOPE SO because here’s one coming your way. This week is a battle of the conflicted emotions. Not necessarily in a bad way, and certainly not in a dramatic way, but just in a “I need to figure this stuff out” kind of way. Mostly this… 

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Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie | thekitchenpaper.com

Apple Peanut Butter Smoothie

MOOTHIE MONDAY! It’s back! At least for today. Yaaay! This smoothie is one of those “omg I’m out of smoothie stuff WHAT DO I DO!?!?!” kinds of smoothies. I say that because I always have peanut butter, apples, and bananas on hand and I’m assuming I’m not the only one. I usually throw in some… 

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Chocolate Almond Espresso Shortbread Cookies | thekitchenpaper.com

Chocolate Almond Espresso Shortbread Cookies

Um, good morning! K maybe afternoon for some of you (heeeey East coast!). Happy FRIDAY! Friyay! WEEKEND! Who else is excited?? I most certainly am. I also just ordered this bangin’ t-shirt which perfectly encapsulates all of my life feelings/goals/realities. THE BEST! You know what also encapsulates all of my life feelings/goals/realities? THESE COOKIES. Almonds… 

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Orange Carrot Cake Bars | thekitchenpaper.com

Orange Carrot Cake Bars

Guys. I’m gonna let these bars do most of the talking today — I’m short on words and these bars are NOT short on awesome. So much orange zest! Tangy cream cheese frosting! Crunchy pecans! I’m calling these carrot cake BARS because they’re more dense than a normal carrot cake. Just how I like my… 

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Kale Chorizo Potato Quiche | thekitchenpaper.com

Kale Chorizo Potato Quiche

Believe it or not, this is the first quiche I have EVERRRR MADE! Say whaaaat!? Yeah. For reals. Quiche wasn’t really on my radar for a long time — I don’t remember my Mom ever making it when I was a kid. We usually went for crustless options like stratas and frittatas. Sing those two… 

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Classic Tomato Soup | thekitchenpaper.com

Classic Tomato Soup

Happy Friiiyaaay! Welcome to the weekend. Almost. Pretty much, though, right? I’ve actually been saying this since Wednesday. You’re over the hump, so it’s basically the weekend. YAH! But seriously: today actually counts as weekend. Are you guys doing anything fun? CAN I COME!? Jk. I have STUFF TO DO! But have fun! We’re being… 

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Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs | thekitchenpaper.com

Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs

Buckle your seat belts, kids: we’re taking this post alllll over the place. Mostly: I’m gonna tie a real-life experience to horror movies to blood spatter to MEATBALLS. Stay with me. Last week, I legitimately thought I’d walked into a stereotypical horror movie scenario: CAT EDITION. First, watch this cat video. So ridiculous. Get’s me… 

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Strawberry Lime Coconut Water Slushie | thekitchenpaper.com

Strawberry Lime Coconut Water Slushie

MONDAAAAAY! Monday in the house. I’m actually super excited about it because, to be totally honest, I’ve been really looking forward to today: it marks the end of the busiest two weeks of my life. FO REALS. I’m not usually that person that’s like “OMG I’M SO BUSY” … but I’ve totally been that person…. 

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Asian Kale Edamame Salad | thekitchenpaper.com

Asian Kale Edamame Salad

When I moved into my apartment last month (it’s been an entire month!! Oh my lord. No more excuses for not hanging my art…) I was worried it might be noisy. I’m in the corner unit, so I really only share 1 bedroom wall and 1 kitchen wall with two separate neighbors, but then I… 

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German Pancakes | thekitchenpaper.com

German Pancakes

GERMAN PANCAKES! Heck yes for this #tbt — still one of my favorite breakfasts of ALL TIME. They’re so easy, you can whip ’em up in the blender (don’t blend too much… we don’t want activated gluten!), and they don’t take long at all. Plus, you can top them with all SORTS of delicious things…. 

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Strawberry Cashew Milk | thekitchenpaper.com

Strawberry Cashew Milk

Remember the last time I made cashew milk? I’m pretty sure I blathered on about it tasting like drinking pure butter — which may turn some of you away, but to those who stay I LOVE YOU. You know I Love almond milk. I love pecan milk. I’m sure I’d love macadamia milk. But cashew… 

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20 Minute Chicken Fajita Polenta Bowls | thekitchenpaper.com

20 Minute Chicken Fajita Polenta Bowls

I’ve officially been car-free for 2.5 weeks now! That’s three full work-weeks, for me! While I’d like to claim it’s been 100% successful and awesome, I have to admit that it’s only been 99% successful and 99% awesome. There have been some … incidents. OK nothing serious, BUT: thank goodness I haven’t been late to… 

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Soft Pretzels | thekitchenpaper.com

Soft Pretzels

Here’s another throwback for you guys! This was one of the very first real yeasty “bread” recipes I ever made, and one of the first ones on this blog! HEYO! I’m such a sucker for soft pretzels… hellooo Auntie Anne’s! This dough recipe can be loaded up with any topping — cinnamon sugar, icing, mustard,… 

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