Cinnamon Peanut Butter Maca Power Balls

Cinnamon Peanut Butter Maca Power Balls |

I MADE COOKIES!! Kind of. These are like “I want to be cookies when I grow up” or “I’m the healthy alternative to your cookie” or “I’m simply a substitution since my creator (ha!) doesn’t have an oven.” Take your pick. I’m going with #2, personally. Healthier cookie balls that are full of energy and… 

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How To Travel First Class for Free

How to Travel First Class for Free |

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Ultimate Rewards. All opinions are 100% mine. Traveling around the world for the last eight months has been incredible. I’ve seen places I never imagined existed, met people I surely would never have crossed paths with, and (perhaps most excitingly) have eaten foods… 

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Creamy Garlic Butter Pasta

Creamy Garlic Butter Pasta |

I pretty much always want comfort food. As much as I love eating vegetables and healthy stuff, it’s much more common for me to really want something comforting — bean & cheese quesadilla, mashed potatoes, burgers, and pasta. Mashed potatoes and burgers usually require too much effort (especially when I’m like I NEED COMFORT FOOD… 

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Paprika Chicken & Spinach with White Wine Butter Thyme Sauce

Paprika Chicken & Spinach with White Wine Butter Thyme Sauce |

Let’s all go ahead and give me a big pat on the back, because last week I went for like TEN DAYS without watching any TV. TEN DAYS! Huge. Good job, Mary! Now I’ll admit that it’s because Hulu was being fussy and realized I’m not in the USA, and it took me a while… 

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Lemongrass Lentil Cakes with Goji Tahini Sauce

Lemongrass Lentil Cakes with Goji Tahini Sauce |

Hi friends! Let’s play a game! It’s called “help Mary feel like she’s in the land of Christmas.” I’m imagining myself in your place at home, probably surrounded by warm eggnog and plates of Christmas cookies. That sounds really awesome right now. I’d probably have slippers on, and the fire going, and perhaps even a… 

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Indian Butter Chicken

Indian Butter Chicken |

You guys, I am not joking one tiny bit — not even exaggerating — when I say this recipe is a total game-changer. Literally, it has CHANGED MY LIFE! I know I sound dramatic. Get on board! Remember on Tuesday when I said I never thought making Indian food at home was possible? Well… it… 

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Quick Naan without Yeast

Quick Naan without Yeast |

Indian food is one of those foods I’ve never thought I could make at home. Like, okay yeah maybe I could TRY to make it but … let’s just order it because it will be way better. Generally: this is probably a good motto. HOWEVER: I took the plunge last week and made an Indian… 

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Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes with Creamy Maple Mascarpone

Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes with Creamy Maple Mascarpone |

Three magical words for you: CREAMY. MAPLE. MASCARPONE. I’m not even kidding you, this was a last-minute stroke of genius ordeal. I was like “oooh I have extra mascarpone — LET’S ADD MAPLE SYRUP!” and that was that. And I’m never going back. It was like eating a maple bar but 1000x better. And you… 

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Garlic Sesame Crispy Pan Fried Noodles

Garlic Sesame Crispy Pan Fried Noodles |

It feels SO weird to not be spending all day today baking bajillions of pies and custards and cakes and sweets — as is my usual M.O. on the day before Thanksgiving. I don’t miss the “OMG DID I FORGET ANYTHING” feeling of it {but let’s be real, I never forget anything ;)} but I… 

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Brown Butter Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes

Brown Butter Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes |

Today I bring you my one and only contribution to Thanksgiving this year: brown butter mascarpone mashed potatoes. Hurray! It’s no secret that I loooove Thanksgiving, but I’m gonna go ahead and admit that my love does not come from the food. I love food, duh, but Thanksgiving food just isn’t my favorite! If I… 

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Bok Choy, Chickpea, Tomato Stew with Homemade Tortilla Chips and Gouda

Bok Choy, Chickpea, Tomato Stew with Homemade Tortilla Chips and Gouda |

This post is sponsored by Corelle via Syndicate Ads. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep TKP up and running! I keep seeing pictures of America UNDER SNOW and thinking “um, can we have like -20 of those degrees?” because I am *HOT* over here. Rainy season lasted all of two days — which… 

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Life in Pictures (Nusa Lembongan Edition!)

Nusa Lembongan via

LIFE IN PICTURES! Here’s a little snapshot of our short stay on Nusa Lembongan — one of the small islands off the Southeastern coast of Bali! If you want more about our stay, check out my post on the Lembongan Beach Club & Resort. We LOVED Nusa Lembongan, and cannot wait to go back!

Ginger Peanut Hoisin Tofu

Ginger Peanut Hoisin Tofu |

I don’t often tell you guys about the trickery behind food blogging. I’m here to tell you: IT’S ALL A SHAM! Okay not really. I’m being dramatic. Sorry/not sorry. But seriously, there are things food bloggers do, for the sake of food blogging that other people either think are cray-cray or just roll their eyes… 

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Lembongan Beach Club & Resort

Lembongan Beach Club & Resort |

Bali is proving to be a land of many talents — with so many nooks and crannies to explore! While we’re in Ubud most of the time, we’re taking each weekend to explore a new part of Bali and get a feel for the island (and surrounding smaller islands!) bit by bit. Last week, thanks… 

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One Pot Sesame Vegetable Pasta (Carrots, Sweet Potato, Bok Choy)

One Pot Sesame Vegetable Pasta (Carrots, Sweet Potato, Bok Choy) |

Alrighty. We have three orders of business today! First, let’s catch up about the animal situation in our house. This is, obviously, of critical importance. Second, we’ll talk about my love of sesame oil. It’s a real, thriving, absolute love. More later. Third, let’s incorporate item #2 (love of sesame oil) with a quick, easy,… 

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Vegan Ginger Coconut Rice Pudding

Vegan Ginger Coconut Rice Pudding |

Hey guys! Good moooorning! Sometimes when I start writing posts I get this feeling like I’m peering around into your kitchen as you roll out of bed and put some coffee on. I’m that obnoxious awake one that’s all “wakie wakie, eggs and bakie!!” — it’s a weird feeling to arise simply from writing a… 

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Goji Berry Passion Fruit Lassi

Goji Berry Passionfruit Smoothie |

I definitely just googled “passion fruit or passionfruit” to which the internet said “WHATEVA.” Apparently either one will fly, so I’m sticking with passionfruit. I mean passion fruit. I mean, I do what I want! We’ll come back to the fruit of love later. First, LET’S CATCH UP! I don’t really have much to report… 

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